We've never had a dog SMOKE IN A ROOM...
We've never had a dog GET DRUNK AND UNRULY...
We've never had a dog GET INTO A NOISY FIGHT or TURN THE TV UP TOO LOUD...

most importantly, DOGS DON'T STEAL ROBES

So go ahead and travel with your pet family, we'll welcome them with open arms!
At Whitney Peak, we want your little buddies stay to be as noteworthy as yours. Upon check-in, we try and win your pets' affection as quickly as possible by bribing them with a "Doggie Bag." If that doesn't work, we go straight to the treats.

If your Dog can vouch for you, you're welcome here too

Guests who book a Pet Friendly room receive a complimentary Doggie Bag stuffed full of doggie swag, treats, and even a collapsable water dish!

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