1 City, 3 Ways: Reno, NV

May 19, 2020

Eat Your Heart Out

We have seen tremendous growth and development within the last few years in the Biggest Little City. And with all this new-found economic activity, comes a satisfyingly delicious discovery of fine cuisine, both Reno locals and tourists are taking advantage of. If you’re ready to discover Reno through your appetite here’s how you do it..  

The menu is simple and their coffee is exceptional

Hub Coffee Roasters

Start your morning off at Hub Coffee Roasters, located right on the Truckee River. The menu is simple and their coffee is exceptional, however not suitable for the weak (meaning be prepared for a serious caffeine high). Depending on the weather, take your coffee to-go and enjoy a nice morning stroll along the river, while working up an appetite for breakfast.


Once you feel the hunger set in, head on over to Pine State Biscuits and be ready to have your mind blown by their southern, yet unique take on the traditional biscuits and gravy. Let a couple hours go by and then make your way into the Midtown district for lunch. Here we have many options to choose from, but a popular favorite is always Sup. Grab a sandwich, soup or salad combo and head out on the deck for some people watching entertainment.

Brasserie Saint James

As night rolls in and dinner approaches you can either head downtown for a beautiful and delicious Italian dinner at Campo, located right on the river, or stay in Midtown and enjoy a more casual hearty meal at Brasserie Saint James. I have a feeling you will not be disappointed by either option…

The Artistic Eye


Do you prefer to experience a city through its culture and arts scene? If so, don’t let any preconceived notions of Reno stop you from immersing yourself in the city’s artistic offerings. While Reno may have been known for its casinos and quick divorces in the past, we are now a vibrantly colorful city thriving with world class art..

If you’re traveling in July, Artown is your place to be. This vibrant festival in downtown Reno holds nearly 500 events consisting of music, dance, film, visual arts and more! Artown brings distinguished artists, culture, and diversity from around the country to The Biggest Little City. Believe us when we say, this month-long festival is truly worth planning a trip to Reno for!

Next up is The Nevada Museum of Art. Let’s just start by saying this museum is nothing short of spectacular. The building itself is an outstanding work of art that was built to resemble portions of the Black Rock Desert and is equipped with breathtaking views of the Reno skyline and Sierra Nevada mountains. Impressively, it is also “the only American Alliance of Museums’ accredited art museum in the state of Nevada.”

Last but not least, you can’t mention Reno arts without recognizing Burning Man. While this week-long event takes place 100 miles outside of Reno, it’s a cultural arts scene that truly awakens the entire city. We can assume that if you’re reading this, you probably already know what Burning Man is so we’ll just leave it at that.

because well, here in Reno the party don’t stop

However, did you know that immediately following the festival from September 1st - 9th is The Great Depressurization?! This event welcomes people from across the globe to experience world-class entertainment, accommodations and all the best Reno has to offer.. because well, here in Reno the party don’t stop.

OUTdo Yourself

Maybe one of the most popular ways to experience Reno and the surrounding area is through your own adventure seeking soul. Depending on where your heart lies with the outdoors, you can experience world-class hiking, skiing, fishing, climbing, kayaking, the list goes on…

Start in Reno. End in Tahoe. Here’s how you do it.

Not to brag, but if you’re interested in all of the above - Reno should most definitely be on your bucket list of places to travel. Start in Reno. End in Tahoe. Here’s how you do it…

The Truckee River runs right through the center of town, providing locals and travelers alike with exceptional fishing. More specifically, fly-fishing is truly the name of the game here on the Truckee. Contact a local fly shop like Reno Fly Shop for all the tips and tricks to catching your fist record size trout.

Next up is climbing. We might be slightly biased here, but if you’re searching for 164ft of adrenaline fueled fun, we challenge you to climb “The World’s Tallest Artificial Climbing Wall” at BaseCamp, which scales the side of the Whitney Peak Hotel. Once you’ve accomplished this hefty climb, we suggest you venture to Donner or Tahoe for some of the most epic bouldering in the country. Chat up the BaseCamp staff for the best routes and spots depending on the season you’re visiting.


If you’ve never experienced the beautiful and legendary Lake Tahoe, nestled in the Sierra Nevada's just 45 minutes outside of Reno, you are in for a treat. Depending on how much you want to see or do, a couple days will easily leave you feeling short of time. However, if you have your mind set specifically on skiing or snowboarding, park yourself at Squaw Valley (home of the 1960 winter Olympics) or at Heavenly Ski Resort located right on the strip of South Lake Tahoe.


When it comes to summer activities, the options are endless in Tahoe. From hiking the trails in desolation, to swimming in Zephyr Cove, to sight-seeing in Emerald Bay and stand up paddle boarding in Sand Harbor, it’s a guaranteed good time that makes it hard to leave.