5 of the Best & Most "Instagrammable" Spots in Reno

May 19, 2020

Here it is, the guide we’ve all secretly been looking for….In this post we list out the top “instagrammable” spots in Reno, as proved by pretty photos, smiling faces, hundreds of likes, and instant FOMO. Because at the end of the day, swipe-up or not, we’re all influencers, right?!


So don’t be bashful, it’s time to put on that trendy outfit, grab a friend, your iPhone or camera, and get ready to WERK it!



1.    The Believe Sign

Where: Downtown Reno City Plaza


These massive letters will make you feel tiny, yet impowered with its inspirational message to don’t stop believin'. Better yet, if you have just the right angle + wide lens camera you can manage to get the glistening Truckee River in the background. Challenge accepted? Tag @WhitneyPeakHotel in your pic so we can see the final insta-worthy shot.



2.    “With Love From Reno” Mural

Where: The Nest  - 201 Keystone Ave


If this mural looks familiar to you it’s probably because it’s been popping up on blogger’s feeds everywhere. What you may not know though, is this mural you see here is actually only about 1/6 of the entire thing!! It extends down the side of The Nest building with paintings of flowers, colorful abstract art, a women’s face, and more. Visit The Nest to see the entire piece and be sure to tag us and @thenestreno in your post afterwards!




3.    “Skull” Playa Art

Where: Play Art Park – 520 N Virginia St.


Undoubtedly, one of the coolest features of downtown Reno is all the expanding and ever-changing public art that is hitting the city. What is referred to as the “Playa Park” currently houses sculptures formerly exhibited at Burning Man. Not to mention, the city is currently developing Reno’s “Neon Line District” which will host a series of sculptures to stretch among 20 city blocks!! So whether you’re a burner or not, we have plenty of art so you can get your feel of the festival here in Reno. Be sure to tag us @whitneypeakhotel and @renotahoe when you find your favorite piece to post!




4.    “Greetings From Reno” Mural

Where: The Summit Mall - 13925 S Virginia St.


Whether you’re a Reno local or weekend visitor, this mural is a perfect place to capture the Reno travel destination. It is beautifully painted with intricate details representing Nevada history and iconic Reno events (Hot August Nights & Balloon Races). When you go to capture this stunning selfie be sure to give us and @thesummitreno a tag!




5.    Poker Chips + Reno Arch

Where: Downtown Reno – N. Virginia St & Commercial Row


Last but not least, this insta-worthy location will have your creative juices flowing as there’s many different shots you can get here. These beautifully tiled poker chips give off a unique, edgy vibe that you likely won’t get anywhere else around town. However, if you look straight ahead you're only about 20ft from the iconic “Biggest Little City Arch”. If you’re up for a challenge, get both landmarks in the picture for an ultimate #RenoTahoe “instagrammable” moment that will surely yield some likes. ;) Just be sure to tag both @whitneypeakhotel and @renotahoe in your epic post so we can re-share!



Be sure to stay tuned as we’ll continue expanding this list for you, including best “instagrammable” restaurants, stores, venues, trails, etc.! But in the meantime, happy instagramming – and give us a follow if you’re not already following along!