Home Means Nevada

May 19, 2020

Whether your a native Nevadan or Nevada transplant, most of us living within the great glory state share a mutual love and pride for our hometown that is Nevada. That's right, I said "Nev-ADD-ah" not "Nev-Ah-dah".  

That's right, I said "Nev-ADD-ah" not "Nev-Ah-dah".

I can't tell you how long exactly it takes for a born Nevadan or Nevada transplant to develop this uncanny loyalty and admiration for their state, but I can say that once you've got it - YOU'VE GOT IT. You'll find yourself defending the colorful yet charming capital of Carson City, not blinking an eye at slot machines in grocery stores or restaurants, spotting "burners" from a mile away, and finally understanding the North vs South rivalry (Pack or Rebels - pick a side).