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Let's Talk Love, ft. The Lunas

May 19, 2020

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Q1: How did you two meet? Is there a proposal story??

Danielle: So it was crazy because we had both seen each other around town and somewhat knew of each other, but never really spoke. I would see him when I worked out at Fitness Connection all of the time when he was the General Manager there. I used to run track and field at the University of Nevada Reno, so I am an avid runner and love to work-out to destress. One day there were no treadmills available. I waited for about 20 minutes and finally found one open. Unfortunately, it was unoccupied because it was broken, but then before I even had a chance to step off here came David asking me if I needed help. My knight in shining armor there to fix my treadmill. I just thought that was the sweetest thing and I could see how much he cared about helping people. Ever since then he has never stopped being my knight in shining armor.  
I am such a huge family person and David knows that about me. So his proposal was absolutely perfect in my eyes because he decided to propose to me in front of ALL of my family and extended family at my family reunion in Washington DC. We were on a yacht on the Potomac River on the last day of my reunion. My Dad was giving a speech like he always does and right before he finished he said he was handing over the mic to a special friend for some final words. Not having any idea what was going on, all I see is David coming out from the back heading right towards me with a box in his hand and tears in his eyes. No one knew except for one of my brothers and my parents. It was beautiful and was a phenomenal way to end our beautiful family reunion.
When asked why David chose to do it in front of my whole family, he said that at the family reunion two years prior, the family said this is a “package deal”. When David proposed, he had a banner made and had everybody take a picture of it that read, “Package Deal”.

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Q2: How did you select Whitney Peak Hotel as your wedding venue?

Danielle: We knew we wanted somewhere elegant and somewhere that could hold a lot of people. David and I did our research and met with several venues but what it really came down to was the staff and how we were treated. They made us feel like we were the only couple getting married there. When the staff was showing us their property, we fell in love with almost every aspect of the hotel. First, the people working the front desk always had a smile on their face and were always so pleasant. When we got to the actual floor where the venue was going to be held, we fell in love. It was big, it was very clean and it was modern. As if this wasn't enough, they had a whole floor dedicated to rock climbing which our nieces and nephews could take advantage of. To top it off, the rooms that we were staying in were big, luxurious, and had a beautiful view of Reno. Whitney Peak delivered in so many areas of our check list that is was a no brainer to go with them.

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Q3: What was the most important factor to you when choosing a venue?

Danielle: The most important factor when choosing a venue for us was the ambiance and feel of the space. The warm and welcoming atmosphere of Whitney Peak was unparalleled compared to everywhere else we went. Coupled with this, there were so many areas to take amazing pictures both in the hotel and around the hotel. We booked Whitey Peak pre Covid-19 and when government mandated procedures came out, Whitney Peak personnel was in great communication, providing alternatives and staying ahead of any curveball that was coming down the pipeline. In such a stressful time, Maya and Allie made us feel like we had absolutely nothing to worry about, and when it came down to our wedding, they did not disappoint. It was beautiful from start to finish.  

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Q4: What would you say was the most memorable moment of the day?

Danielle: So this was really hard for me to just choose one. Because the day was beyond perfect. But the most memorable moment of the day for me would have to be our Priest’s sermon about David and I. We got married at St. Albert’s Catholic Church and right before we said our vows Father Klekas (our Priest) spoke about David and I and the unique love and bond we share. Unlike most Catholic Priests, Father Klekas is our age. He grew up in this area and has hung out with David and I outside of the church. So his beautiful words meant so much more coming from someone who knew us as people and also as a couple. His sermon and what he preached will never leave me and is something I will forever cherish.
David:  Like Danielle said, our wedding was beyond perfect. When I think of one memorable moment of the day that we will tell our future family is when Danielle thought our priest forgot the part where he tells me to “kiss the bride.” In the middle of Father Klekas reciting his lines Danielle turns to him while we are on the alter and in front of the whole congregation interrupts him in a panic and says, “Wait..don’t we need to kiss?!?” Father Klekas looks at Danielle shakes his head while trying not to laugh and says “I was just about to say that” and then proceeds and finally says, “You may kiss the bride” (at the right time). This was so funny to everybody because it was such typical Danielle fashion and that is why I love her.

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Q5: Describe your wedding in 3 words.

Danielle: Glamorous, fun, spiritual
David: breathtaking, memorable, perfect

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Q6:  Describe your overall experience with the team at Whitney Peak Hotel.

Danielle: So if it wasn’t for the team at Whitney Peak I don’t think David and I would have been able to get through getting married during a Pandemic. Maya Stibick, the Catering Sales Manager and Allie Hainey, the Director of meetings and events in particular felt like my sisters by the end of the 12-month planning process. Both were there for us and especially me during the whole process; especially when Governor Sisolak would make a new regulation or set more specific guidelines. I had girlfriends whose venues cancelled on them, but Whitney Peak was there for me and went above and beyond the call of duty to make this still the most special day of our lives. Maya and Allie would call and check on me and even try to come up with multiple ways to make our wedding day work with all the restrictions. I felt like they had my back even during the hardest of times. They never gave up which continued my hope and gave me the strength to keep going. The day of our wedding was also spectacular as well. The concierge made me feel so special, greeting me by name and telling me congratulations as if they had known me for years. The hotel staff was a phone call away when my girls or I needed anything while we were getting ready in the beautiful complimentary wedding suite. Mimosas were ready and waiting for us in the morning as well as rose petals, champagne and chocolate that night after it was all said and done. The whole day was truly perfect. With Allie and Maya I felt as if I had wedding planners without having to pay an arm and a leg for them.


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Q7: Was the culinary experience to your satisfaction? Please explain.

Danielle: The food was absolutely amazing. We had already heard of such wonderful reviews about the catering and had eaten at the restaurant before. The choices were endless and the array of how you could put dishes together was so freeing and easy. The tri-tip was out of this world. I remember I even went up for seconds!

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Q8: Was your experience & expectations in line with the price?

Danielle: As we all know, weddings are an industry that can cost a lot of money if you don’t get carried away in the hype. Only pay for the things that truly matter. The venue and food is something people will get to experience and those experiences turn into memories that last a lifetime. That to me is priceless and Whitney Peak surpassed our expectations. We have felt so lucky to have had our wedding reception there at such a reasonable price.

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Q9:  What advice do you have for those planning their wedding now?

Danielle: Well being that we are still in a pandemic, all I would say to couples right now is allow yourselves some grace during this process. Just know that when they day comes it is going to be even better than you had imagined it. I know it might be hard to believe right now but I am proof that having a wedding during a pandemic can be just as magical as long as you have the right people by your side.
David: Don’t stress. Everything, and I mean everything will work out exactly the way it supposed to. By the last two weeks, you will have all of your venues lined up and if you missed something, they would let you know. Practice your first dance and absolutely do not forget why you are getting married in the first place. I did not do half of what Danielle and her mom did and it was still stressful; of course it is. You are planning a party that kicks off the start of two people coming together as one. That is not easy but by the end of your wedding night, you wouldn't replace it for the world.
Oh, and get the videographer. It’s truly worth the money!

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Q10: Any advice you’d give to another couple about marriage?


Danielle: Your wedding is just one day but your marriage is a lifetime. Remember that you two are in this for the long haul and always be each other’s number one fan.
David: Never stop being a team.