Post-Holiday Holiday Parties

May 19, 2020

While the holidays can surely be the most wonderful time of the year, they can often be the most stressful time of the year too. Whether it’s lack of money, gift giving, work deadlines, family relations, or just the overall pressure to please, there’s usually something about the holidays that add a little (or maybe a lot) of stress to our lives.

So after careful consideration and some fine tuning we’ve come up with an alternative option that just makes sense, Post-Holiday Holiday Parties.

Now, before you begin with a rebuttal, hear us out first. If you haven’t ever released a sigh of relief after finding out you no longer have to host that holiday party, you have surely made up an excuse before to not attend one. The fact of the matter is, holidays are a busy time for everyone with obligations secured left and right. And while we all love a good festive celebration or a reason to dress up, who’s to say we can’t carry this tradition over into the New Year? After all, there’s plenty of catching up to be had after the holidays and reasons to celebrate our friends, families, and colleagues.

Be the first to help us normalize Post-Holiday Holiday Parties this year! Here are some perks we’re offering all bookings now – April:

·     Flexible F&B Minimums

·     Discounted Setup Fees

·     Complimentary Gold Chiavari Chairs

·     Complimentary Room Night (can be used for the night of the party or in the form of a gift certificate for an employee, friend, etc.)

·     Discounted Drink Tickets to $6.00 for Beer/Wine/Liquor

·     Discounted Custom Menu

·     Hosted Bar Discount

o  $2.00 off two hour hosted bar

o  $3.00 off three hour hosted bar

o  $4.00 off four hour hosted bar

Send us an email so we can get the party started!