Staycation Inspiration By @hannahbrie

May 19, 2020

I get it. The word “staycation” can sometimes sound a little lackluster. I mean take out the “vacay” and suddenly we’re in our same hometown, doing the same monotonous things with the same surroundings. Right? WRONG.

A staycation is quite literally the opposite. This is your time to shine! Conquer a bucket list goal. Do that one activity everyone from out of town only aspires to do. Make a reservation at a restaurant you’d normally never eat at. Relax at the hotel your relatives always stay at. EXPERIENCE your city like you’ve never experienced before.

"Cause let’s face it, when you go on vacation you want to have that ‘Home Away From Home’ feeling”. - Hannah Thornton (local Reno influencer)

Sometimes you must live like a tourist to learn like a local. Plain and simple. Let us help give you a nudge in the right direction with a little inspo from Hannah Thornton herself...

Step #1: Valet, because why the hell not... Unless you're driving a Harley, then maybe don't.


Step #2: Check-in to your new home for the weekend


Step #3: Unpack & RELAX with your favorite travel buddy


Step #4: Adventure Time - hit the slopes?!


Step #5: More adventures of course

@hannahbrie at BaseCamp Climbing Gym

Step #6: Fuel Up

@hannahbrie at Roundabout Grill

Step #7: Rock out!

@hannahbrie at Cargo Concert Hall

Step #8: Sleep In (late checkout anyone??)


Step #9: Take a morning stroll to your favorite coffee shop

Step #10: Head home - well rested, jet lag free!


Ready to book your staycation? Us too.