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Tips From Our Wedding Pros During Covid-19 Crisis

May 19, 2020

No matter the season, year, or date, there’s a ton of thought and preparation that goes into planning your big day. It’s an exciting time and can often be stressful when trying to make sure all your pieces fall perfectly into place. However, if your wedding day falls during the midst of the coronavirus crisis, you are more than likely experiencing another crisis of your own.


If you have asked yourself many times “what should I do”, this post is for you. We asked our wedding pros for all their tips and tricks our brides and wedding planners should know during this uncertain time. Let's meet our pros and dive on in to what they have to say!

Meet Our Wedding Pros:

Andy Bomberger: Director of Sales

Andy has been in the hospitality world for the last 10 years and his love and passion truly resides in the events and catering industry. He’s been most recently recognized as the Reno/Tahoe NACE (National Association for Catering & Events) President. He has worked side by side with many brides and grooms to bring them the wedding of their dreams. P.S. Andy is a phenomenal dancer! Ask him to bust a move but don’t tell him it came from me.

Maya Stibick: Catering Sales Manager

Maya is one of our newer members of the team, and has been with us a little under a year now. However, she is no newbie to the hospitality and events world by any means! She moved from Las Vegas, NV where she was a Special Events Manager with Caesars. We are so grateful to have her here with us in Reno as she perfectly fits in, and it's no secret our clients love her just as much as we do. P.S. Maya and her wife have a beautiful baby boy, Reid who will melt your soul with his adorable big blue eyes and impeccable style.

Jim Kruder: Group Sales Manager

Jim joined our team right around the same time Maya did, and it feels like he was also the last missing piece to our puzzle. He is a recent Reno transplant from the Bay Area who is undoubtedly an expert in all things hospitality, events, and comedy. Yes comedy. When Jim isn’t at work, he is either attending some sort of live music showing or telling jokes to his grandkids, wife or anyone who will listen. However, these aren’t your everyday amateur dad jokes. No, Jim is a retired stand-up comedian who can make anyone LOL. Seriously, ask him to tell you a joke next to you talk to him - you won’t be disappointed!

Allie Hainey: Director of Meetings and Events

While each member of our sales team plays a crucial role in bringing love to the venue, Allie would be the glue that holds it all together for years and years to come. Allie has been with the hotel since we opened and her expertise in the wedding and events world shines through her passion and ability to perfectly execute any size gathering that walks through our doors. Also, Allie just recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Emma Lee. Be sure to ask her for a photo when you talk to her next!

Tips & Tricks For Planning and Executing Your Wedding During Covid-19 Crisis: 

Andy Bomberger:
Be open to a smaller wedding than you originally intended. While social distancing guidelines might be lifted, we still may see a restriction on the number of guests allowed to get together in a public gathering.

Maya Stibick:
If you are thinking of postponing your wedding, do it sooner rather than later. Weddings are just a portion of a whole horde of events that will have to reschedule (or already have).

Allie Hainey: 
Have flexibility with your season for your new wedding date. While you may have dreamed of a bright spring wedding, fall and winter can still be beautiful! Making small adjustments to linens & florals won’t cost much if anything at all and can still compliment your original vision.

Andy Bomberger:
If there are gathering restrictions for sensitive groups, look into options for recording the ceremony and reception or creating a live stream.This will also help if there are people who still want to witness your wedding but maybe won’t make the cut on a shortened guest list.

Allie Hainey:
Instead of dessert bars and "serve yourself appetizer stations", switch to all plated options or passed appetizers to stay safe.

Jim Kruder: 
Ask your venue about the various precautions they are taking right now. If you don’t want to switch to a plated dinner, see if your venue will provide servers to dish up foods from the buffet – that way you decrease the amount of contact with food service equipment and utensils. This will also be based on what is allowed in regards to your local health department.

Allie Hainey:
If space allows, seat less guests at each table and make sure to do a seating chart to keep only one family at each table.

Jim Kruder: 
Keep as calm as possible. While Covid-19 might change what your wedding day looks like or even when it takes place, constantly remind yourself that it will still be a beautiful day and at the end of it you will be married to your soul mate.

Andy Bomberger:
Keep in constant communication with your vendors. Have a backup plan and understand what options are available to you with your various vendors. Also pay special attention to your vendor agreements and be knowledgeable of your contractual obligations. If you are personally financially affected, communicate with your vendors and ask if deposits can be pushed out or delayed, especially if the event itself is delayed.

Andy Bomberger:
Some people will still be very concerned with a public gathering. Perhaps you can integrate a cute sanitization station with hand sanitizers but dress it up a little bit to still fit your wedding’s unique vibe.

Andy Bomberger:
If you are in the very early process of planning and are not comfortable meeting in person, set up video calls with your various vendors. This will allow you to meet them “face to face” and help establish a connection. With venues, see if they offer any virtual tours or ask them to go through photos with you on a video call so you can piece things together for the time being.

Maya Stibick:
If you are postponing your wedding, be open to rescheduling to a Friday. There are only a few Saturdays in each month! October is the most popular month for weddings, so chances are there is limited availability.

Allie Hainey:
Stay positive and know that this will pass! While you may have to postpone or adjust your guest counts, have faith that your vendors will work with to ensure that your dream wedding can still happen.

Most importantly, know that we are all in this together. Whether you're planning a wedding or know someone who is, we here to answer your questions or help in any way we can. Don't hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can do for you! 


The Whitney Peak Hotel Team